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Vodafone Albania

Since 2001, Vodafone Albania has built a successful partnership with Marketing & Distribution in the field of wholesale and retail business (Franchise)

During this period Marketing & Distribution has been an ideal partner, with vision and quality in the assessment of the services needed and required.

It demonstrates sustainability, performance and compliance with quality standards under the signed agreement.

It is a dynamic partner that constantly strives for technological advancements to create a cost-effective, convenient and friendly service.

It is flexible, conscientious and professional in satisfying immediate needs as well as in maintenance management, providing an excellent service to Vodafone in the retail and wholesale sector.

Now, Marketing & Distribution represents Vodafone with 17 Vodafone Franchises and at least 120 points of sale throughout the territory of Albania.

VODAFONE Shop Blv. Ismail Qemali
Rr: Blv. Ismail Qemali, Pallati ish fabrika e orizit, Vlorë,

Rr: Lagja "22 Tetori" Pedonale Berat

VODAFONE Shop Korce 1
Rr: Bulevardi Republika, Korce

VODAFONE Shop Blv. Shen Gjergji
Rr: Sheshi Teatrit, Korce

VODAFONE Shop Durres 2
Rr: Aleksander Goga, NR:218, Durres

VODAFONE Shop Sheshi Willson
Rr: rrethrrotullimi I Sheshit "Willson", Tirane

VODAFONE Shop Myslym Shyri
Rruga Myslym Shyri, Tiranë

VODAFONE Shop Xhamlliku
Rr: Qemal Stafa, pallati Nr: 575, dyqani nr. 12, Tirane

VODAFONE Shop Rr. Kavajes 2
Rr: e Kavajes, pallati Orion, zona e Parkut te Autobuzave, Tirane

VODAFONE Shop Fushe Kruje
Lagja Punetori, Qender, Fushe Kruje

VODAFONE Shop Rr. e Dibres
Rr: Dibres, prane Eden Park, Kati 1, Tirane

VODAFONE Shop Burrel
Prane bankes Reiffeisen, Burrel

VODAFONE Shop Orikum
Rruga Kryesore, Qender Orikum

VODAFONE Shop Vlora 3
Lagjja Lirim, Pall. 1187, Vlore,

Qendra Tregetare Tirana East Gate, Lunder

VODAFONE Shop Fresku
Kryqezimi i Teleferikut, Qesarak, Linze

Rr: Ndoc Deda Milot Kurbin