In the LENOR world, the fabric is always soft, fresh and protected. Ever since LENOR appeared in Germany in 1963, the brand has remained constantly innovative and dedicated to providing the best lightness and freshness for your clothing. Throughout the 20th century, the brand has successfully expanded its footprint, bringing the best for garments and fabrics to satisfy customers worldwide.

According to the intensity of aromas LENOR softeners are categorized in: Base line (Spring, Floral Romance, Summer Breeze, Fresh Meadow, Lavander & Chamomile, and Lenor Sensitive); Parfumelle Line (Gold Orchid, Diamond & Lotus, Morning Dew, Emerald & Ivory, Amethys & Flowe, and Sparkl Blossom); Inspired by Nature (Silk Tree Blossom, Shea Butter, Deep Sea Minerals, and Verbena).