HR Policy

Human Resources are the most important asset in our Company. Through them we give continuity to succeeding by choosing the best candidates in the market.

We treat our employees with respect, honesty, and justice. We urge them to have respect for themselves, colleagues, everyone's work and company.

We ensure that we adapt the staff to the right position considering their characteristics and that each one of them performs in the best possible way to achieve the company's objectives. Employee promotion is also an important point of success and sustainability in every aspect of our Company.

The Human Resources Department keeps contacts with the all the managers and employees in order to identify the problems and needs of each sector, tryind to find the most efficient solution.

The Department communicates notices and decisions pertaining to all members of the Company or separate groups.

The Human Resources Department is in continuous contact with the employees to recognize their views about their duties, the environment, colleagues, and so on.

Human Resources are constantly looking for resourceful development and training methods, as well as the most modern and efficient Motivation and Evaluation techniques.