Marketing & Distribution, has dedicated spaces for archiving various documentation for the needs of the company itself and for third parties.

For this reason M&D provides environments with European standards with regard to humidity, lighting, ventilation, protection against fire and flood, security system related to archive access, 24/7 security system, video monitoring system, emergency stairs, armored and fire resistant doors (doors with flame “cutting”) + Pest Control

In function of the agreement with the client, the company offers qualified staff in handling and processing documentation starting from its transportation up to arranging and shelving on archive shelves.

In addition, if it is provided in the agreement with the client, the company provides the archive the program of the archive in which the documentation is recorded, as well as the physical position that every item occupies in the archives in order to enable finding the said item in the shortest time possible.

Customer service guarantees the provision of physical documentation as well as digital image (scanning)

The activity of the archive staff is being controlled through European standards reflected in the QA and QF tools that the company applies in each area of activity.