The M&D marketing department is built to serve the companies that M&D represents. In the framework of the development of various promotional activities and campaigns covering:

1. In store promotion (on-trade/off-trade) including branding, activation of promoters, gifting, testing, in store demos, etc.

2. Ideation and implementation of national promotional campaigns in brand or category range such as:

  • Campaign on Television
  • Campaign on Radio
  • Web-Action
  • Design of promotional materials;
  • Launch promotional campaigns on Facebook / instagram.

3. Shopper Research - conceptualizing and designing the questionnaire and conducting the interviews;

4. Door to door sampling – Planning and execution of sample distribution with the help of marketing team (supervisor and promoter)

5. HORECA Training Center - Within the company is set up the training center for the HORECA sector where bartenders are trained for product innovations.