Warehouse Capacity

  • Warehouse Surface Area is over 17000 m2
  • 18000 pallets locations, all labeled and part of the warehouse matrixes. 
  • Customs warehouse with a capacity of 1000 pallets.
  • 35 docks dedicated for inbound and outbound with a distribution of 400 pallets per day
  • Our Material handling equipment (MHE) includes Reach Trucks, Forklifts, Order pickers, electrical and manual pallet truck.
  • More than 1300 invoices processed a day for over 4000 products.
  • Dedicated customized area for labeling, stamping and manipulating products

Warehouse Management System

  • Our WMS consists on managing all operations in our warehouse including inventory management, order picking processes, and auditing. 
  • It pertains in our supply chain and includes: tracking, receiving, adding, picking, quality control, shipping, lot tracking, reporting capabilities, forecasting and KPI measuring inside the warehouse. As a result of this system we have full visibility on all the link processes from our warehouse to the store shelf.  
  • First In First Out (FIFO) and First Expiry First Out (FEFO), or any specific system based on product or supplier requirements.

Distribution Fleet

The distribution fleet contains more than 300 vehicles, always ready to move all through the country. Small and large trucks, vans and cars which distribute goods to 8200 customers.